Do you hate having to put your glasses back on having “glammed” up for a special night out?

Are glasses steaming up an annoying part of your day?

Are you are fed up trying to guess the restaurant menu because you have left your reading glasses at home? (Or even set fire to the menu using the centre candle in an attempt to gain more light!! - will remain nameless!!) Would you like to try the freedom of contact lenses?

If any of the above questions apply to you why not book an appointment and give contact lenses a try? There are so many types of contact lenses available now that nearly everyone can find a lens to suit them. The new moist lenses cater for dry eyes and long days and expanding ranges allow patients with high prescriptions to have the benefit of lens wear too.
As Park Vision is an independent practice, lenses are sourced from a wide range of suppliers including Johnson & Johnson, Ciba Vision and Sauflon. Therefore, lenses are recommended to each patient due to their individual suitability and visual requirement -not because of any commercial link-up!

At Park Vision you can sample different contact lenses to find the right one suitable for your eyes and lifestyle. You will be given the time....and you can learn how to handle and care for your lenses..... And of course, at Park Vision, you are guaranteed the personal advice and aftercare whenever you need it.

“My contact lens patients range from 8 – 68 years old! I have had many laughs with my patients teaching them to put their lenses in – it may be frustrating sometimes but we always get there in the end!” Michelle Beach

To discuss your vision and book an appointment please call 0115 950 0051
What our clients say
Lily has been one of Park Vision’s brightest stars on the contact lens side. Lily is a keen horsewoman but was having difficulty riding in her glasses. Whilst trying to concentrate on her jumping or dressage the glasses were sliding and affecting her vision. This was made even worse in bad weather!

Lily is now wearing her daily disposable lenses a few times a week for riding, school sports and even the odd run down the mountain – optimum vision and freedom from her glasses!

“Lily is the youngest Park Vision patient and has been a dream to fit” comments Michelle, “She was determined to master putting them in and out and has been a perfect patient. At only 8 years old that is a real achievement!”