Park Vision uses elite vision lens company BBGR. This company specialise in Sports Vision glazing for the wrap frames in the sports industry.
BBGR is proud to be the UK supplier for the world-renowned range of SPORTS lenses, by Rupp+Hubrach.  For all active spectacle wearers, Rupp+Hubrach SPORTS offers outstanding optical performance, even in the most difficult of wrap-around frames. Michelle has trained alongside their team. Whatever your sport, superior advice is available on tints, coatings and protection. Specialist knowledge is required to dispense a sports wrap frame.
"If the size of the patient's head, angle of wrap on the face, pupil centres and optical prescription are not calibrated properly to fit the chosen frame in situ the patient will not be able to see properly. Sports Vision Dispensing requires specialist training" Michelle Beach.

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Eileen Cheetham using her adidas evileye pro fitted with R+H transition wrap lenses and silver shading required for her sporting requirements.
The new eyewear 2011 range is designed to give you maximum visual performance
The frame designs have interchangeable lenses so you can react to weather/climate conditions. The lenses can be glazed to your individual prescription or.... if you want the choice - a spectacle lens can be snapped into the back of the frame to give perfect vision, whether in or out of contact lenses. Sides can be replaced for a strap to change the design to a goggle - great for helmet wearers. Venting keeps lenses from steaming up in cold conditions and polarised options are available for water sports.
Above: On the piste demonstrating how the adidas T-Sight system is utilised. Lenses interchangeable for varying light levels and the option of attaching a prescription lens.