It is no good having great glasses if the vision is compromised by poor quality lenses.
Choosing a good lab to glaze the glasses properly and advise on “best lenses” makes all the difference
Park Vision benefits from excellent support by some of the best lens technicians and products in the optical industry – Hoya, Nikon, Seiko, Rupp and Hubrach and Adidas, to name a few.
As an independent practice, Park Vision is under no commercial obligations to use any particular “brand” of lens so you can be sure the lens advice you receive is due to “the best” suitability for your prescription and lifestyle.
The glazing laboratory that Park Vision has selected to use ensures your glasses are made with care and attention – no poorly fitting lenses or shoddy workmanship. Shepshed Optics was selected to provide Park Vision with the glazing for most spectacle dispenses.

Their expertise in the industry, attention to detail and quality of work, particularly in rimless glazing is second to none. Michelle has a great working relationship with Clifford Austen, owner and managing director of Shepshed and his team.

“The large eye size of sunglasses and demand for sporty wrap frames mean that glazing has become very difficult. Patients want to look good and have superior vision in their eyewear. Unsightly thick lens edges, gaps between lenses and frames, poor quality coatings and tints or peripheral distortion are frequent issues that I strive to avoid at all costs.
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